Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Out! Pet Care ~ One Handed Poop Scoop Review & Giveaway 10/15 (US)

Disclosure: I received the product in exchange for an honest review.

We have one dog and he goes out about 3 times a day, once in the early morning, again in the afternoon and lastly before it gets dark so as you can imagine that's a lot of poop in just one day alone. Even though he's a little dog (17lbs), he poops a lot. So I'm constantly having to carry bags on me and the worst part is bending down and picking up the poop while holding his leash and keeping my eye on him the whole time, not an easy task, especially to do multiple times a day. 

So I went searching for a solution and I found the One Handed Poop Scoop. My first thought was to find a 2 piece poop scooper because I never even thought of there being a one handed poop scoop. What a great idea.

The One Handed Poop Scoop makes it easy for me to hold the leash in one hand and the scooper in the other without having to choose which one to put down or try to hold both.

It's so simple and easy to do. I pull on the lever and it opens and snaps close when I let it go. There's no mess and most of all I save my back from having to bend down.

I recommend the One Handed Poop Scoop for pet parents who don't like having to bend down to pick up poop and/or be so close in contact with poop. It'll make taking your dog out so much easier.

Out! Pet Care has offered I Love to Review & Win a Giveaway with 3 Winners for the One Handed Poop Scoop! Make sure to enter below for your chance to win one. Giveaway ends October 15th. Open to US.


  1. We could use one of these! Poo collecting is the least fun chore around here but this would help.

  2. Ahh!! this is great way better than the poop bags lol


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