Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ozeri Green Earth Pan Review

Disclosure: I received the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri in exchange for a review.

The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is now my favorite new non-stick pan to cook with. I made pancakes from scratch for the first time and as I touched the edge of the pancake to flip it over, it slid from side to side with such ease, needless to say I'm very impressed. I've never had such a flawless time cooking pancakes. Even the extra pancake batter that was on the sides fell right off without any effort by me. I wanna say that this pan is like magic because it has exceeded my expectations. I thought my old non-stick pan was amazing but this is in a whole different class.

I also scrambled 10 eggs and the eggs didn't stick at all and it wiped clean so easily. In the past when I've made eggs, it will not only stick to the pan but burn as well unless I used a whole bunch of non stick cooking spray but now I don't have to spend money on the non stick cooking spray or waste food because it's burnt or stuck.

When I was done with the pancakes, I let the pan cool down and I wiped it out with a dry napkin and this is how it looks without any soap or water. Looks the way it did right out of the box. Amazing!

If you would like to purchase the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri visit this site http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005470CB6

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