Saturday, August 15, 2015

Neater Feeder Review

Disclosure: I received the product in exchange for a review.

Everyday we have the same issue, we come downstairs, walk into the kitchen and "crunch" then "ouch". Someone is always stepping (sometimes barefooted) on spilled dog food.

This is where Neater Feeder solves this problem. No more having to bend over, kneel, squat down and pick up dog food or wipe up water from the dog bowl because with Neater Feeder when the food or water spills, it's there to catch it.

Any water that spills from the bowl drains into a second compartment underneath. Any dog food that spills stays on top of the Neater Feeder and not on the floor which means also it wont end up on the bottom of our feet.

Our Neater Feeder is the Medium size for dogs. It can hold up to 3.5 cups of dog food and 5 cups of water. I like how the top part just comes right off for easy cleaning. The bowls are really shiny and the perfect size. The height is just right too. Any smaller would've been too short and any taller would've been too far to reach for my dog. The medium size is perfect.
It feels good as a pet parent having a Neater Feeder for my dog. It looks cute and like a huge upgrade from his old standard pet dish.

Neater Feeder is available in sizes Small, Medium and Large. There is also a Neater Feeder for Cats.
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